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Juicy Baek

A New Drug in the Community by Chris Gunn







Fact Finding Sheet


Post Activity Discussion







Purpose and Audience:


This role-play is intended for adult intermediate to advanced students.




Teacher writes 'Juicy Baek' on the board and asks the class if they have heard of Juicy Baek. When the class says no, the teacher explains that Juicy Baek is a new drug that many young people are using. Juicy Baek is in fact alcohol, BUT DON'T TELL YOUR STUDENTS THAT! Tell the class that there is a big debate in North America about whether or not to make Juicy Baek illegal. Because Juicy Baek is so new, there are no laws yet. The purpose of the class is to decide how Juicy Baek should be regulated if at all. But first, the students must gather facts and views from different constituencies of society. As a red herring, I tell the class that Juicy Baek is usually injected with a needle. This throws them off track that Juicy Baek is in fact alcohol. Plus, the fact that it's a needle tends to make even the biggest drinkers turn against Juicy Baek.



Class Set-up and Activity:


Each member of the class will be given a role-card. They represent the different constituencies of society: the police, sociologists, medical doctors, victims, family members, and Juicy Baek users. The teacher gives the class members time to read and absorb their cards. The students can ask the teacher questions if they don't understand something. Then the teacher takes the role cards away (optional). And students stand up and talk to each other and exchange their view points. For example, doctors describe medical issues related to Juicy Baek such as brain shrinkage and sociologists describe issues such as divorce and violence. Students should be given enough time to talk to most of the other people so that they can get a variety of view points.




After view points have been exchanged. Students can get into groups or work as a class and discuss the questions in the discussion handout. Should Juicy Baek be illegal?


Wrap up:


Tell the class that Juicy Baek is in fact alcohol. How does this change their opinion? (Sometimes, before I give it away, I like to ham it up by explaining that I am in fact a Juicy Baek user. This draws some shocked responses!)






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