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 Traveling Among Monsters Vocabulary Enrichment Series


Traveling Among Monsters is a language enrichment resource for intermediate ESL students in elementary and middle school. Each unit is a self-contained series of exercises, worksheets and activities with a specific language focus that is reviewed several times in the unit.

The Guide to Dragons

Teaches determiners such as most, many, both, neither, few, and all.  Teaches animal vocabulary such as herbivore, carnivore, claws, scales, and horns. Teaches relative scale adjectives such as extremely, very, quite, and somewhat.


Guide to Dragons


 Cooking with Ogres

Not yet available.


 Knight School

Not yet available.


 A Wizard's Spellbook

Not yet available.


 A Pirate's Handbook

Not yet available.


 Encyclopedia of Fantastic Creatures

Not yet available.


 Wishing Wells and Genie Lamps

Not yet available.




Worksheets that introduce literary devices to students at an elementary level:


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