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 Word Skills Cloze Generators






As one aspect of negotiating meaning, language learners should be able to talk about language. I feel this is a skill that they need even from an early age. Basic words skills include being able to talk about synonyms, antonyms, categories, past tense, and naming. All of these are useful for discussing the meaning of words and are helpful for teaching English in English (TEE). If a student asks what a word means I can use these strategies to give them a definition.

In this section, Ií»ve identified some basic word skills that young language learners need to know and Ií»ve created simple cloze activities to help reinforce these skills. As an added benefit students will learn or review tons of vocabulary. All of these worksheets are database driven so you can refresh to get a new worksheet. There are other resources for teaching the word skills listed here all over this website.


Note: Printer settings should be for A4 in order to fit one worksheet per page. If you print on "letter" setting some of the worksheets do not fit on one page.

Word Skill 1: Synonyms

Synonyms 1

Synonyms Easy (Goes with Young Learners' Synonyms)

Word Skill 2: Antonyms

Antonyms 1

Antonyms Easy (Goes with Young Learners' Opposites)

Word Skill 3: Categories

Categories 1

Word Skills 4 Naming

Naming 1

Word Skills 5: Word/Category/Description

Things That 1      

People Who 1     

Places Where 1      

Times When 1      

Mixed 1

Word Skill 6: Examples

Examples 1

Word Skills 7: The Past Tense

Past Tense 1

Past Tense 2

Past Tense 3

Past Tense 4 (1,2,3 mixed)

Word Skills 8: Rhyme

Rhyme 1 (Short vowel/bossy e)

Rhyme 2 (All mixed)


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