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Amounts and Containers Flashcards



Quite often when we talk about foods, we talk about specific amounts of foods. This is also helps turn uncountable nouns into countable nouns by quantifying them. This set of flashcards covers the different ways that we quantify foods.These cards also cover about forty different food items.


Some terms covered are:

          cup of tea

          bottle of ketchup

          plate of cookies

          handful of peanuts

          spoonful of medicine

          jar of jam

          bucket of chicken

          pot of coffee

          bowl of soup


You can use the game Fish or memory to practice this game. Fish goes likes this:



A: Do you have a cup of tea?

B: Yes, I do.

     (Or No, I don't. Go fish. A takes a card from the deck)


If the answer was yes, B gives the card to A and A gets a point.



Resources created by Chris Gunn



A glass of orange juice.

  Amounts: Bottles and Bags

  Amounts: Boxes and Bowls

  Amounts: Cans and Buckets

  Amounts: Cups and Crates

  Amounts: Glasses and Handfuls

  Amounts: Jugs and Jars

  Amounts: Plates and Pieces

  Amounts: Pots and Sacks

  Amounts: Slices and Spoonfuls

  Amounts: Baskets and Drops


As well these two worksheets review much of the vocabulary covered in these cards:


Kitchen Crossword


Kitchen Word Search



Here is a selection of worksheets available for teaching about animals:


Insects | Animal Behaviour | Food Chains and Webs | Reptiles | Describing Animals






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