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Lanternfish Cards:

These cards are great vocabulary builders.  Just, click, print, and paste onto cardboard (laminating is also a good idea).

ESL for kids flashcards

If you would like to see more flashcards for children's ESL classes, check out the gallery.  For ideas, on how to use them check out the cards introduction page.


The Lesson Plan Archive

For more lesson plans visit the archive.















Glossary of ESL terms
















Forest Animal Cards

Thirty six combinations of twelve animals. Use it for teaching articles and the conjunction 'and'.


   Sample Flashcard of Forest Animals.


Use these cards to play Forest Animal Bingo!


Resources by Chris Gunn






Forest Animals 1

Forest Animals 2

Forest Animals 3

Forest Animals 4

Forest Animals 5

Forest Animals 6

Forest Animals 7

Forest Animals 8

Forest Animals 9

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