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Can I Bug You for a Sec? AN ESL Role-play by Chris Gunn





Student 1 Sheet


Student 2 Sheet


Warm Up Sheet (Optional)


ESL Role-play: Asking for help



Purpose and Audience:

The purpose of these materials is to get the students to practice talking about words and asking for help in English. Students will ask about spelling and meaning using phrases like 'three-letter word' or 'that begins with B'. Students will describe the meaning of words using the phrases 'is another word for' and 'is the opposite of'. This is a fairly simple role-play intended for false beginners (or perhaps even beginners). In short, students will interrupt their friends and ask the friends if it is ok to bug them for a second. Then they will ask for help with one of the 'crossword' clues.


Target Language:


           Interrupting: Can I bug you? Can I bother you?

           Word Definitions: Is the opposite of, is another word for.

           Word Descriptions: A four-letter word that begins with or ends in.


Class Set-up:

The class is divided into two groups: Student Group 1 and Student Group 2. In the first half of the activity, students from group 1 will go around and ask for help filling out their crosswords using the dialogue as a guide. Group 2 students remain seated waiting for the group 1 students to come and ask them for help.


In the second half of the activity, group 2 students will go around and ask group students for help with their puzzles. Group 1 students will sit down and wait to offer help when asked for it.




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