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Christmas Card Writing Activity

Christmas Worksheets for ESL classes and kids!


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Christmas Card Writing Activity:

For this activity you will need to print off the Christmas Card Cloze and the Christmas Card Language sheet as well as three blank Christmas Card sheets for each student:


Christmas Card Cloze

Christmas Card Language Sheet

Christmas Card 1

Christmas Card 2

Christmas Card 3


 First, hand out the cloze activity and give the students 10 minutes to complete and then go over the answers. You can also point out the differences in the way the letters are addressed and signed depending on who the letter is to.


Next, hand out the language sheet. Go over the examples and then have the students make their own example for each category.


Finally, hand out the Christmas card templates and let the students decorate and color them. Students should then choose three people to write Christmas cards to. I've found that setting a minimum of 60 words per letter is suitable.