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Christmas Worksheets for teaching ESL, EFL and K7

Christmas Worksheets for ESL classes and kids!


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Christmas Board Game


Christmas worksheets and activities for ESL teachers!



 Christmas Worksheets:


Christmas Crosswords: Who is a stingy man that gets visited by ghosts? What animals pull Santa's sleigh? Can your students solve these crosswords?


Christmas Crossword       Challenging Christmas Crossword


Santa Crossword        Crossword Answers


Christmas Collocation Crossword

Christmas Word Jumble: Students try to make as many words as possible out of C H R I S T M A S  T R E E. Then, they see if they can answer all of the riddles with the words they found.


Christmas Tree Word       Santa's Sleigh     Rudolph's Red Nose    

Christmas Card Games: Play fish or memory using the Christmas flashcards. Wonderfully designed using a mixture of clipart and 3D.


Christmas Card Games


Large Christmas Flashcards: These flashcards illustrate 24 Christmas words.


Large Christmas Flashcards


Christmas Board Game : A fun comprehension question game for winter and Christmas.


Christmas Board Game


 A Letter to Santa: A template for writing a letter to Santa. Students have to tell Santa what they want, why they deserve it and what they are going to leave Santa to eat when he visits.


A Letter to Santa

A Christmas Word Search: Find these Christmas words:


Christmas Word Search


Easy Christmas 1       Easy Christmas 2     Easy Christmas 2

  Christmas Rhymes: What do you give that rhymes with lift? A gift. Students find rhyming words to match the clues.


Christmas Rhymes


Christmas Vocabulary: A worksheet for introducing eighteen Christmas words.


Christmas Vocabulary


Christmas Super Quiz Game: A quiz game for reviewing Christmas vocabulary.


Christmas Quiz Game        Christmas Quiz Game (Nativity Story)



Christmas Spot the Differences: Students find differences in two Christmas pictures. There is a pair version and a solo version.


Christmas Spot the Differences   Solo Version

Christmas ABC Connect the Dots (For Younger Kids):  Kids can draw Santa Claus or a Christmas tree by connecting the dots.


Santa Claus Capitals                  Christmas Tree Capitals

Santa Claus Small Letters         Christmas Tree Small Letters

Christmas Riddles:  Students unscramble the snowmen to find the answers to two snowmen riddles.


Christmas Riddles

Christmas Bingo:  Three diffferent bingo games with Christmas bingo card generators.


Christmas Bingo

Christmas Creative Writing:  These three creative writing prompts explore the themes of a Santa rescue, a mystery, and bad labour relations at the North Pole.


Saving Santa     The Candy Cane Mystery     Elves on Strike

The Notometer and Kindometer:  These two surveys help Santa determine if a student has been naughty or nice. Students work in pairs to find their naughtiness score and there kindness score. Some pre-teaching of vocabulary is required.


Notometer                      Kindometer

Santa's List:  An easy reading comprehension activity. Kids decide who has been naughty and who has been nice.


Santa's List

What Does Santa Do?  A worksheet for young learners that looks at what Santa does on Christmas Eve.


What Does Santa Do?

How Do You Decorate a Christmas Tree?  A worksheet for young learners that looks at what describing a process as well as teaching Christmas tree vocabulary.  This worksheet comes with a reading packet puzzle.


How Do You Decorate a Christmas Tree?          Reading Packet Puzzle


What Happens At Christmas?  A worksheet for young learners that looks at what people do at Christmas as well as teaching 6 verbs.  This worksheet comes with a reading packet puzzle.


What Happens at Christmas?          Reading Packet Puzzle


Christmas Time Reading Selection  A reading selection that describes what happens at Christmas.



Young Learners Christmas Cloze:  An easy cloze activity for reviewing Christmas words.


Young Learners Christmas Cloze

Santa Claus Questions:  An easy Christmas comprehension/vocabulary activity.


Santa Claus Questions

First Words Christmas Spelling Sheets:  Eight simple spelling worksheets from the First Words section:


Angel     Bell     Elf     Gift     Santa    Snow    Star   Tree

Big Letter Christmas Coloring Sheets:  Nine big letter (capital letter) coloring sheets.


Christmas Big Letter Coloring Sheets


Christmas Cards:  A guided writing activity with two supporting worksheets and three card templates to get the students writing cards to people they know. Each student should end up writing three Christmas cards about 60 words in length.


Christmas Card Writing Activity

Christmas Carols Song Sheets:  Several simple Christmas carols graded for the ESL audience.


Christmas Carols

Christmas Cloze Activities: Two cloze activities to review or teach Christmas vocabulary.

 Christmas Cloze         Christmas Verbs

Nativity Story Worksheets and Activities: This section contains worksheets and activities with an emphasis on the Nativity story and the birth of Jesus.

Nativity Story Worksheets

Christmas Carol Crossword:  All of the clues come from the titles of Christmas Carols. (Not suitable for students who don't know many English Christmas Carols)


Christmas Carol Crossword