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Classroom English Flashcards



This set of flashcards covers vocabulary related to learning, studying, and navigating in a classroom.


Some phrases covered are:

hand in your homework

hand out an assignment

give a report

do an experiment

bring a snake to show and tell

go on a field trip

take attendance

form a circle

line up

demonstrate a rocket


A good game for practicing these classroom phrases is fish.


Possibility 1 (Student A doesn't get a point)

A: Do you have a class going on a field trip?

B: No, I don't. (A takes a card from the deck)


Possibility 2  (Student A gets a point)

A: Do you have a class going on a field trip?

B: Yes, I do. (And then gives A the card)






Classroom Cards 1

Classroom Cards 2

Classroom Cards 3

Classroom Cards 4

Classroom Cards 5

Classroom Cards 6

Classroom Cards 7

Classroom Cards 8

Classroom Cards 9

Classroom Cards 10

Classroom Cards 11



 Here is a selection of worksheets available for young learners:


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