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 Lanternfish Cards:

These cards are great vocabulary builders.  Just, click, print, and paste onto cardboard (laminating is also a good idea).

ESL for kids flashcards

If you would like to see more flashcards for children's ESL classes, check out the gallery.  For ideas, on how to use them check out the cards introduction page.


The Lesson Plan Archive

For more lesson plans visit the archive.




























Monster Fashion Show: Clothes Vocabulary Flashcards


Monsters wearing leather jackets, polka dot pajamas and plain, blue T-shirts: The clothes cards are a fun way to introduce clothes items vocabulary and adjectives that collocate well with clothes items (such as leather, striped, or purple).


These cards can be used at two levels. One is simply to introduce the clothes item such as jacket or boots. The other is to introduce the clothes item along with some words that might possibly describe it such as leather jacket or striped suit.


Fish is a good game to play with these cards:


A: Are you wearing a silk blouse?

B: Yes, I am. (No, I'm not. Go fish.)










 Clothes flashcards for ESL

Clothes Cards 1

Clothes Cards 2

Clothes Cards 3

Clothes Cards 4

Clothes Cards 5

Clothes Cards 6

Clothes Cards 7


Also check out the collection of clothes worksheets and activities.