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Some guidance please on one to one teaching

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 9:40 am    Post subject: Some guidance please on one to one teaching Reply with quote

Hi Lanternfish

I would like some advice regarding teaching adults one to one - a structure or suggestion for lessons. The adult students are often not working or often just looking for company (I have found!). I have also been teaching in very different sectors for many years (primary and university lecturing) and because I have moved to Europe and unable to find a job at this stage, am returning to ESL one to one with adults while I sort out things. I am relatively new to ESL (setting out on my own), qualified some time ago.

I would really like a suggested structure by someone experience with teaching adults - and moreover, for stds whose purposes may or may not be for work or travel.

To show my thinking though, here goes: My ideas have been for a 1 hour lesson:

Start with a conversation (I really like the short conversation starters on this website), however, can I use this just on it's own as a starter - then move onto a very different unrelated topic (tease out the grammar point i.e. "could" but without going into depth and just getting student to use the langage) ?

Move to a topic (perhaps one that I have that relates if possible OR a different topic - is this okay) i.e. a reading article of interest, that has maybe a cloze activity, some questions (comprehension), vocabulary work, discussion points.

Round up lesson with brief discussion of what we have done today - and revisit the initial sentence as per the starter conversation.

Should ALL lessons contain explicit grammar practice - some adults don't want it, but I teach it 'in' the lesson without doing strict exercises - playing with sentences, rewording etc?

Should all lessons include reading, writing, speaking, listening?

If someone has a good working plan / structure for teaching one to one - then I would genuinely appreciate some advice. It is taking a bit to get my mind back to teaching ESL.

There are many websites aimed at YL, but fewer for adults (without some nice attached cost to it). Are there any really good websites that are also actually worth investing a few euros or dollars to join?

Advice appreciated. Thanks in advance, Very Happy Nicola
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 26, 2011 12:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I find teaching adults one on one frustrating where I am. They often just want to drink or are not very serious about putting time into the class outside of the class which makes my life tough. Ideally I would like to spend most of the time talking with them, but to do that we need something to talk about, and talking about our daily lives gets pretty boring after a week.

I have gone through easy novels or even children's novels with adults but that only works if they are willing to read a chapter or two before each lesson. If they are too busy that idea falls flat.

I like the idea of doing articles with them if you can find articles that will interest them. Reading the articles with them and discussing them is a great way to go. The problem often is finding a steady stream of interesting materials to talk about.

As far as grammar goes, why not have them bring a notebook and do grammar and vocab work as it occurs in the articles. You can study it explicitly but it probably won't help them in the long run. Another possibility is to have them write a journal and go over the journal when you talk.
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