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Say and Spell Consonant Blend Board Game



This game can be used for reviewing spelling and pronunciation of words with initial consonant blends such as green grass or crab's claw. The game should be self explanatory just be looking at the board. At any rate, teachers can decide the mechanics of each board square.

Consonant Blend Game Board*

Consonant Blend Game Cards


In this game kids role the dice and land on pictures of words that have initial consonant blends. They have to say the word then spell it or go back. All of the words come from the consonant blend card game: black, block, blow, plant, blue, planet, brick, broom, brush, brown, plum, clap, clock, cloud, clown, crab, crayon, truck, train, crow, crown, dream, grapes, dress, drink, drum, flag, flower, flute, fly, trap, fries, fruit, frog, glass, green, globe, glove, glue, andglass.


There are also 'word skill' card squares that emphasize word skills such as rhyme and beginning sounds. When students land on these squares, they have to answer a question or go back.


Finally, there are instruction squares where students have to follow the instructions written in the squares. The first one to the finish is the winner.


*Note: I usually have to print the board at 97% to fit it onto A4 paper. You should be able to do this if you hit options and paper layout when you print. Also, some teachers don't like the Free Candy square. If this is the case, just cut and paste one of the Word Skills squares into the spots occupied by Free Candy.


These resources were written by Chris Gunn.







Picture of phonics game board.



Other Consonant Digraph

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