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Continents and Oceans Flashcards



This set of flashcards covers the names of the oceans and continents. As well, the cards can be used to review present perfect and simple past tenses..


Some phrases covered are:

The Pacific Ocean, The Atlantic Ocean, The Arctic Ocean, The Southern Ocean, The Indian Ocean, Europe, Asia, Eurasia, North America, South America, Australia, Antarctica


How many continents are there?

That depends on where you teach. Europeans for example view North and South America as one continent. Others view Europe and Asia as one continent because it is one landmass. Many schools in North America still teach 7 continents, which has some merit based on historical divisions. We have included Asia cards, Europe cards and Eurasia cards so you can choose what you are going to teach. We haven't included a combined America card however.


How many oceans are there?

As a kid I learned four oceans, the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Indian, and the Arctic. However, the waters around Antarctica have recently been awarded ocean status as they constitute their own current and other conditions. Since the year 2000, these waters have been called the Southern Ocean. Also, there is some debate about the status of the Arctic ocean as an ocean. Some oceanographers consider it to be a sea, a mediterranean sea in fact. At present, it is still afforded ocean status.


Game for practising this vocabulary:

A good game for practicing this vocabulary is fish. Just make two copies of each card and paste them onto some poster board and then cut them out. For ESL teachers, it can also be used to review the present perfect tense and the past tense:


A: Have you been to the Indian Ocean?

B: Yes, I have. (Or: No, I haven't. Go fish.)


If the answer was 'Yes, I have.':


A: Did you see a lionfish?

B: Yes, I did. (Or: No, I didn't. Go fish).



These cards were created by Chris Gunn.






The Continents






North America

South America



The Oceans

The Arctic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean

The Indian Ocean

The Pacific Ocean

The Southern Ocean



Continents and Ocean Search

Wordsearch with all of the continents and oceans.


Other Geography Worksheets

This section contains other geography worksheets.


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