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Going for a Bite: Giving Directions to a Restaurant

by Chris Gunn





Partner A Activity Sheet


Partner B Activity Sheet


Restaurant Guide


Downtown Map


Optional Materials:

Giving Directions Pair worksheets



ESL lesson plan for giving directions



Purpose and Audience:

The purpose of these materials is to get the students to practice giving directions to a restaurant based on street names and other buildings in the vicinity: It's on Pine Street next to the post office. This is a fairly simple role-play intended for false beginners (or perhaps even beginners). In short, students will call up their classmates and ask if they want to go for a bite. The student who receives the phone call will suggest a restaurant and give directions on how to get there. This activity also reviews the superlative (best, tastiest, hottest) and nationality adjectives (Korean, Italian, Japanese).


Warmup or Preclass Activity:

Go over the pair worksheet for directions.


Class Set-up:

The class is divided into two groups: callers and receivers. Callers get a Partner B Activity Sheet plus a map of the downtown area. Receivers get a Partner A Activity Sheet plus a Restaurant Guide. Callers 'call' the receivers and ask them out to dinner. The receivers suggest a restaurant and give directions on how to get there. Callers record the location on the map and the restaurant details on their activity sheet.


As a challenge, have the receivers face away from the callers (callers tap them on the back and say, "Bring! Bring! Bring!'')










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