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Dolch Sight Word Grade Two Resources





These supplemental resources are geared towards the Dolch grade two word list.




Flashcards: 46 flashcards covering the words in the grade two word list.

Grade Two Flashcards


Assessment Sheet: This sheet allows teacher to keep a record of individual students assessments on three different dates.

Assessment Sheet


Dolch Knights Grade 2 Version: This word war game is great review for the grade two word list. Ideal for parents or tutors.The knights also make collectable flashcards that are fun to have for the kids.

The Dolch Knights


Dolch Primer 4x4 Bingo Card Generator : Generate as many bingo cards as you like using the dolch grade two words. You can use the flashcards above as bingo balls.

Grade Two Bingo (Refresh for a new card)


Grade Two Word Leaves: These leaves are meant to be cut out and colored by students. They can be used to create a literary rich environment with an autumn or spring them, depending on which colors you use.

Dolch Grade Two Word Leaves











Here is a selection of worksheets available for young learners:


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