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Easter Worksheets



Here is our collection of worksheets with Easter themes and vocabulary:


Easter Crossword: A great vocabulary review for Easter terms and concepts.

Easter Crossword

Easter Rhymes: Students solve riddles using rhymes as clues.

Easter Rhymes

Easter Egg Hunt: Students try to find as many words as they can from the phrase EASTER EGG HUNT.

Easter Egg Hunt 

Easter Word Search: Find Easter words in a grid.

Easter Word Search

Easter Egg Hunt Activity Pack for Fish, Memory, and Bingo: A deck of cards and a bingo card generator with an Easter egg hunt in the backyard theme to teach or review simple prepositions of place.

Easter Egg Hunt Activity Pack

 Easter Bunny Connect the Dots: Students draw an Easter Bunny with a basket by connecting their ABCs

Easter Connect Capitals      Easter Connect Small Letters 

 Easter Big Letters Coloring Sheets: Five Big Letter Coloring sheets with Easter words.

Easter Big Letter Coloring Sheets

 Easter Egg Find: Word gap or writing exercise. This exercise can be done as a pair in the form of an information gap, or solo as a writing exercise. Students describe where the hidden Easter eggs are:

Writing: Easter Egg Find                        Easter Egg Gap A    Easter Egg Gap B








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