Feelings and Emotions





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Feelings and Emotions

Flash Cards:

These cards are a great way to review human emotions as well as causes. There is a lot of good vocabulary work contained in the cards including various synonyms for emotions (angry, furious, mad...).


This game plays like the game fish, but with a catch: First they have to ask if the other student has that emotion and then they ask about the reason. They have to match both reason and emotion to get the point. When asking about emotion, they can choose from any of the possible synonym for the emotion.


S1: Are you sad (upset, depressed)?

S2: Yes, I am. (Or: No, I'm not. Go fish.)

S1: Are you sad because your best friend is moving to another city?

S2: Yes, I am. (Or: No, I'm not. Go fish.)


In order to play this game, you will have to print off two sets of cards and glue them onto poster board and cut them out.



 Sample Emotion Flashcard: Sad because friend is moving.

                Emotion: Angry

                Emotion: Bored

                Emotion: Confused

                Emotion: Excited

                Emotion: Frustrated

                Emotion: Happy

                Emotion: Relieved

                Emotion: Sad

                Emotion: Scared

                Emotion: Surprised

                Emotion: Tired

                Emotion: Worried


Student Supplement

for Emotions


Some of the examples in these cards are really geared towards older students, but I hope to add a more kid friendly version in the future.