Fantasy and Fairytale



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Fairytale/Fantasy Flashcards

Witches, wizards, pirates, knights, dwarves, elves, and dragons. . .These cards cover the basic characters from children's fairytales plus the actions and objects often associated with them such as 'waving a wand' or 'casting a spell'. It is also good practice for asking questions in the third person singular.


This game plays like the game fish, but with a catch: First they have to ask if the other student has the fairy tale character and then they have to ask about the action associated with the character. They have to match both character and action to get the point.


S1: Do you have a fairy?

S2: Yes, I do. (Or: No, I don't. Go fish.)

S1: Is she waving her wand?

S2: Yes, she is. (Or: No, she isn't. Go fish.)


In order to play this game, you will have to print off two sets of cards and glue them onto poster board and cut them out.


This cards go well with the Fantasy and Fairytale Worksheets.


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 Fairytale Flashcard Sample: A fairy waving her wand.

                  Fairytale: Dragons

                  Fairytale: Dwarves

                  Fairytale: Elves

                  Fairytale: Fairies

                  Fairytale: Genies

                  Fairytale: Giants

                  Fairytale: Goblins

                  Fairytale: Knights

                  Fairytale: Mermaids

                  Fairytale: Pirates

                  Fairytale: Princesses

                  Fairytale: Trolls

                  Fairytale: Witches

                  Fairytale: Wizards