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Fall worksheets for elementary school and ESL!





Fall Worksheets



Word Scrambles Worksheets:

Students try to make words out of the phrases Autumn Leaves and Harvest Time. Good vocabulary work.


Autumn Leaves Worksheet       Harvest Time Worksheet        Foliage Worksheet




Autumn Vocabulary Video Presentation:

This simple vocabulary presentation teaches about autumn vocabulary and seasonal changes.


Autumn Days Presentation     Autumn Words Presentation 


 Word Search:

Simple word searches where students find autumn words.



Autumn Word Search(easy)   Autumn Word Search (new/hard)   Autumn Word Search (old)

 Fall Rhymes:

A worksheet of rhyming riddles for fall:


Fall Rhymes

 Fall Crosswords:

Two crosswords covering fall themes. The second crossword has no reference to Western holidays.


Fall Crossword     Fall Crossword (no holiday references)


 Fall Cloze:

A fill in the blank exercise to teach and review fall vocabulary.


Fall Cloze


 Fall Super Quiz Games:

ATwo quiz games with fall vocabulary. The first quiz game is only fall vocabulary. The second quiz game has 4 fall related topics.


Autumn Quiz (1 Topic)      Autumn Quiz (4 Topics)


 Fall Flashcards:

Over thirty phrases for talking about autumn.


Fall Flashcards

Autumn Vocabulary Board Game:

Colorful board game with questions for practising autumn vocabulary.


Autumn Vocabulary Board Game

 Young Learners Worksheets:

Three worksheets from the Young Learner's Section with a fall theme.


Autumn Leaves   What Happens on a Farm?     Autumn Colors

 Autumn Reading Packet Puzzles:

Three reading packet puzzles from the Reading Packet Puzzles Section.


What Happens in Fall?         What Happens on a Farm?      Autumn Leaves

hat Happens on a Farm?     Autumn Colors

 Young Learners Content Questions:

Mini units that include worksheets, reading packet puzzles, and reading selections.


Autumn       Farms


Autumn Verbs:

Students fill in the blank with an appropriate verb.


Autumn Verbs

 Autumn Poems:

Two poems with a falling leaves theme.


Autumn Poems

 Autumn Animals:

Two worksheets with an autumn animal theme.


Autumn Animals Cloze           Autumn Animal Verbs

 Autumn Bingo:

Two bingo card generators for 23 autumn vocabulary items.


Autumn Bingo

 Autumn Word Leaves:

Leaves that can be cut out and colored with words on them. There is a blank template, along with autumn vocabulary, autumn colors, and the dolch grade on and two word lists.


Word Leaves

 Scarecrow Creative Writing:

The crows are at the crops and the scarecrow just isn't very effective. Not this year! I'll get those pesky crows:


Those Pesky Crows Creative Writing


 Fall Colors:

This worksheet is a basic spelling sheet for young learners. The kids practise spelling leaf and three basic colors (red, yellow, brown):


Autumn Colors

Salmon Life Cycle Worksheets:

The salmon return to the rivers and streams in fall. These worksheets provide good content-based ESL vocabulary review. Some difficult words intended more for ESL students studying in a North American curriculum.


Salmon Life Cycle

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