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The Five Senses Flash Cards:

These cards are a great way to review the five senses plus asking yes/no questions in past or present tense. It is also a great way to introduce the phrase 'be like' as in 'tastes like', 'sounds like', or 'feels like'.


 There are three ways that you can use these cards to play fish. The simplest is just to have the students simply ask:


S1: Do you hear someone knocking?

S2: Yes, I do. (Or: No, I don't. Go fish.)


A little more challenging is:


S1: Did you hear something/anything?

S2: Yes, I did. (Or: No, I didn't. Go fish).

S1: Did you hear someone knocking?

S2: Yes, I did. (Or: No, I didn't. Go fish).


Finally, the most challenging way, which happens to be the way I prefer to play this game:


S1: Did you hear something/anything?

S2: Yes, I did. (Or: No, I didn't. Go fish)

S1: Did it sound like someone knocking?

S2: Yes, it did. (Or: No, it didn't. Go fish)


I prefer this way because it provides the teacher with an opportunity to teach the important associations:


hear --> sound like

taste --> taste like

smell --> smell like

see --> look like

touch --> feel like

(feel --> feel like)


And if you use the six sense cards:


sense --> seem like

feel --> feel like


These cards can also be a great lead in for other topics that can be combined with the individual senses such as what materials things are made from and touch: (It feels like rubber. it feels like wood). Another example is spices for cooking and taste. (It tastes like pepper. It tastes like garlic).





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 Five senses teaching flashcards.

Five Senses: Hear

Five Senses: Hear and Taste

Five Senses: Taste

Five Senses: Touch

Five Senses: Touch and See

Five Senses: See

Five Senses: Smell

Five Senses: Smell with Extra


After I've done the five sense cards a few times, I add the 'six sense' cards. It makes for a great day of discussion.


The Six Sense


Also there are me support materials in the Five Senses Worksheets section