ESL Astronaut Flashcards





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Glossary of ESL terms


 ESL vocabulary flashcards for space exploration and astronauts!
























Space Explorer Flashcards:


These cards teach difficult verbs through images of space, astronauts, and distant planets. They were designed by Chris Gunn as a part of a vocabulary enrichment program using content-based materials.


   Sample flashcard: An astronaut constructing a spaceship.


These flashcards are meant to teach a list of verbs related to industry, economy, and science. Cards include:


Constructing a Space Station

Mining an Asteroid

Producing Space Suits

Growing Some Crops

Exploring a Cave

Investigating a Leaky Pipe

Doing Research

Rescuing a Survivor

Repairing a Spaceship

Connecting a Hose

Gathering Minerals

 and many more flashcards!


If you find these cards intersting, your students may also enjoy the Spaceship Flashcards, which teach about the objects in our solar system.





Space Explorers 1

Space Explorers 2

Space Explorers 3

Space Explorers 4

Space Explorers 5

Space Explorers 6

Space Explorers 7