ESL Christmas Activities





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Glossary of ESL terms


 Teaching materials for Christmas vocabulary.
























Christmas Cards:



These cards are a fun way to teach vocabulary related to Christmas. Good for both K7 and ESL. Included in this set of cards is:


Santa Claus delivering presents.

A child peeking at a present.

Children opening a present.

A little girl about to open a present.

A woman decorating a tree.

A father and daughter bringing a tree home.

A father and son window shopping.

Elves making toys.

Children singing carols.

A girl hanging up a stocking.

A man putting up lights.

Santa Claus checking his list.

Santa Claus eating cookies and milk.


For ideas on how to teach these cards, check out the flashcards section. You might also be interested in the Christmas worksheets section or the winter worksheets section.



Christmas Flashcards 1

Christmas Flashcards 2

Christmas Flashcards 3

Christmas Flashcards 4


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