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Glossary of ESL terms


 Prepositons of Places flashacrds for ESL!
























Places Flashcards:

At the Hospital


The purpose of these flashcards is to introduce the three areas of vocabulary:


(1) Common ways that we refer to people such as a man, a woman, some children, an employee, and a waiter.


(2) Places and the preposition at: at the hospital, at the restaurant, at the beach.


(3) Some common verbs and their objects such as standing in line, ordering food, taking a break, and relaxing.


If you are intersted in these cards, you may also be interested in the seasons and times of day flashcards, which are at a comparable level of difficulty.




Sample preposition of place flashcard.

Places Flashcards 1

Places Flashcards 2

Places Flashcards 3

Places Flashcards 4

Places Flashacrds 5