ESL Season Flashcards





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Glossary of ESL terms


 Seasons and Days Flashcards for ESL/TEFL teachers!
























Season and Day Flashcards:


The purpose of these flashcards is to introduce the three areas of vocabulary:


(1) Common ways that we refer to people such as a man, a woman, some children, a couple, a boy, a girl and some kids.


(2) The seasons and the times of the day, along with the prepositions that are commonly used with them such as at night, in spring, in the evening, and at noon.


(3) Some common verbs and their objects such as taking a nap, going for a drive, making sandcastles, and having a snowball fight.


If you are interested in these cards you may also be interested in time of day worksheets and season worksheets in the worksheets for young learners section.




Sample ESL flashcard for teaching seasons and times of day.

Seasons and Days 1

Seasons and Days 2

Seasons and Days 3

Seasons and Days 4

Seasons and Days 5