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Food Chain Flashcards




This set of flashcards demonstrates the relationship between animals and how they acquire their food. This is a great supplemental resources for teaching about food webs and food chains.


Some concepts covered are:

herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, insectivore,

predator, parasite, and scavenger.



Game for practising this vocabulary:

Fish is a great game for practicing this vocabulary. Just make two copies of each card and paste them onto some poster board and then cut them out. You'll need about one deck of cards for every four or five students.


A: Do you have an omnivore?

B: Yes, I do. (Or: No, I don't. Go fish.)


If the answer was 'Yes, I do.':


A: Is it a bear?

B: Yes, it is. (Or: No, it isn't. Go fish).


Also see the Food Chains and Webs Worksheets.





The Animal Feeding Habits








Filter Feeders











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