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 Lanternfish Cards:

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Greek Mythology Flashcards:


These cards demonstrate many of the most well-known characters and events in Greek mythology. The card game is great review for content-based units using Greek myths.


This game plays like fish. The teacher should print off two copies of each card and glue them onto a poster board backing (and possibly laminate for longevity).


Students sit in groups of three to five and play fish:


S1: Do youhave Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom?


S2: Yes, I do. Here you are.




      No, I don't. Go fish.



 Sample Flashcard for Greek Myths: Athena Goddess of Wisdom

Greek Myth Cards 1

Greek Myth Cards 2

Greek Myth Cards 3

Greek Myth Cards 4

Greek Myth Cards 5

Greek Myth Cards 6

Greek Myth Cards 7

Greek Myth Cards 8

Greek Myth Cards 9

 Greek Myth Cards 10

 Greek Myth Cards 11


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