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ESL Information Gap Exercises






These information gaps usually come in twos. You will need to print both the A and B sheets. You can print them directly from the browser if you want, but they will look better if you save them and open them in any graphics program and print from there.

Directions Information Gap I: Giving directions based on street names and nearby landmarks. For example, it's on 5th Street next to the bank.   

Directions I Gap A Sheet   Directions I Gap B Sheet

Directions Information Gap II: Giving Directions to a place based on subway or bus routes. For example: Take the blue line to Edmunds Station. Tranfer to the Central Line. Get off at Market Station.

 Directions II Gap A Sheet   Directions II Gap B Sheet

Directions Information Gap III: Giving directions when traveling by foot or by car. For example: Go down Broadway to 5th Street. Turn right on 5th street. It's on your left.

 Directions III Gap A Sheet   Directions III Gap B Sheet

Shopping Information Gap: What did he buy? How much Was it? And How did he pay for it?  

Shopping Gap A Sheet   Shopping Gap B Sheet.

This activity has recently been redone. We recommend that you download the newer version here in MS Word format:

Shopping Gap A and B Sheets (new)   

Puzzle Information Gap: Using classroom English to describe words.

 Puzzle Information Gap A and B Sheets

Haunted House Information Gap: Where are the ghosts? In the kitchen, on the stove. This information gap covers prepositions, furniture and rooms in a house.  

Haunted House Gap A   Haunted House Gap B

Green Tree Town Gap: Where is the bakery? It's next to Jim's Pizza. Covers prepositions such as next to and to the right of and buildings in a city.               

Green Tree Town Gap A    Green Tree Town Gap B

Famous Artists: It was painted by Van Gogh. It was painted in 1889. It was painted with oil paints. This information gap covers some famour artists and the passive voice.

Famous Artists Information Gap Sheets A and B

Shapes: This information gap covers 10 basic shapes plus prepositions.

Shapes Information Gap

Newspaper Headlines: Students ask each other if they've heard the news and then relay the headlines to their partners.

Newspaper Headlines Gap A             Newspaper Headlines Gap B

Did Anybody Call? Students relay telephone messages to partners who were 'out'. There is a business version as well.

Anybody Call Gap A,B            Anybody Call Gap A,B (Business Version)

Help Wanted Gap: This information gap covers vocabulary found in help-wanted ads. Students communicate the contents of classified ads to each other.

Help Wanted Gap

There's a Rumor Going Around Gap: In this information gap, students report stock price changes and rumor about companies.

Rumor Going Around Gap

Feeling Like Seeing a Movie Gap: In this information gap, students exchange information about movie venues, stars, and showtimes.

Feeling Like Seeing a Movie?





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