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Insects and the Forest Floor Flashcards



This set of flashcards covers vocabulary related to insects and things you might find on the forest floor. Included in this set are nineteen insects such as ant, bee, dragonfly, and lady bug and objects such as pinecones, leaves, reeds, ferns, and stumps.


Some phrases covered are:


A praying mantis on a leaf.

A cricket under a mushroom.

A butterfly on a flower.

A dragonfly on a fern.

A moth on a tree stump.

A mosquito on a reed.


A good game for practicing these classroom phrases is fish.


Possibility 1 (Student A doesn't get a point)

A: Do you have a a bee on a flower?

B: No, I don't. (A takes a card from the deck)


Possibility 2  (Student A gets a point)

A: Do you have a a bee on a flower?

B: Yes, I do. (And then gives A the card)






Insect Cards 1

Insect Cards 2

Insect Cards 3

Insect Cards 4

Insect Cards 5

Insect Cards 6

Insect Cards 7

Insect Cards 8

Insect Cards 9

Insect Cards 10



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