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Jobs and OccupationsWorksheets

and Teaching Activities


Jobs and Occupations Crosswords:

Three different crosswords with job descriptions as clues.


Jobs Crossword 1      Jobs Crossword 2      Jobs Crossword 3

Jobs and Occupations Word Searches:

Three word searches with jobs and occupations as words to find.


Job Word Search (Med)     Job Word Search (Hard 1)    Job Word Search (Hard 2)

Job Flashcards

The worksheets in this collection are aimed at young learners who are just beginning to read and write.


Job Flashcards Set 1        Job Flashcards Set 2

Young Learners Job Worksheets

A huge collection of worksheets aimed at young learners. These worksheets cover various topics such as What do you want to be when you grow up?


Young Learners job Worksheets

Jobs Bingo

A bingo game with common jobs in the bingo card squares.


Jobs Bingo

Jobs Card Game

A card game with a jobs and occupations theme.


Jobs Card Game


Jobs Super Quiz Game

A quiz game with different occupations as the answers.


Jobs Super Quiz



Looking for Work Roleplay

A roleplay where students describe jobs they saw in the newspaper to their classmates who happen to be looking for work.


Looking for Work Roleplay



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