Job Flashcards for Teaching Relative Clauses

                   Job cards for teaching Relative Clauses.





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Relative Clause/Job Cards

Designed by Cam Lirette, these cards can be used to supplement relative clause lesson plans and work sheets. There is a lot of vocabulary and the job flashcards are not the usual ones that elementary school students learn. In fact, these cards are meant for students in middle school to university.


   Sample job card.

 Job Flashcards for ESL/EFL


Each job has two cards in the form of relative clauses that describe the job. Students have to match the two descriptions. The conversation should go something like this:


S2: Do you know somebody who digs for coal?

S2: Do you mean a miner?

S1: Yes, I do.

S2: No, I'm sorry. Go fish.


      Yes, Here it is.


For ideas on how to use these cards visit the ESL Flashcards section, and to see more cards, check out the Flashcard Gallery.



Job Cards 1:

Astronaut, Artist


Job Cards 2:

Baker, Construction Worker


Job Cards 3:

Dentist, Doctor


Job Cards 4:

Factory Worker, Farmer


Job Cards 5:

Firefighter, Inventor


Job Cards 6:

Mail Carrier, Mechanic


Job Cards 7:

Miner, Nurse


Job Cards 8:

Photojournalist, Pilot


Job Cards 9:

Plumber, Police Officer


Job Cards 10:

Scientist, Stock Broker


Job Cards 11:

Teacher, Veterinarian


Job Cards 12:

Waiter, Web Designer


If you use these cards, you may also be interested in the scientist cards, which are based on similar grammatical structures.

Here is a job cards supplement that students can refer to.



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