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ESL worksheets for young learners. K-7 level.





Worksheets for Teaching K7

ESL Young Learners: Basic Verbs


Worksheet 1: I Want . . .


I want an apple.

Worksheet 2: Do you want . . . ?


Do you want a cookie. Yes, please./No, thank you.

Worksheet 3: What Do You Want to Play?


I want to play tag.

Worksheet 4: What Do You Want to Do?


I want to watch TV.

Worksheet 5: Do You Want to Fly a Kite?


Do you want to fly a kite? Yes, I do. No, I don't.

Worksheet 6: Do You Want to Play Cards?


Do you want to play cards? Yes, I do. No, I don't.

Worksheet 7: I Like . . .


I like dogs.

Worksheet 8: Do you like . . .?


Do you like spiders?

Worksheet 9: Favorite Things


My favorite color is yellow.

Worksheet 10: Need: Picture Prompt


What does he need? He needs an umbrella.

Worksheet 11: He needs . . . Writing


It's cold. He needs a sweater.

Worksheet 12: What Do Seeds Need  (Goes well with What Do Seeds Become)


Seeds need sun to grow.

Worksheet 13: What Do Kids Need to Grow Up Healthy?  


Kids need food to grow.

Worksheet 14: What Should We Do?


What should we do? Let's go on the swings.

Worksheet 15: What Should We Do at the Beach?


What should we do? Let's go find seashells.



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