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Biomes and Animal Habitats


Worksheet 1: Biomes and Habitats Vocabulary Sheet

Biomes such as desert, savanna, tundra, alpine, and wetland.


Worksheet 2: Biomes and Habitats Matching Worksheet

Students label the biomes and then match the biome description with the biome.



Flashcard Set 1: Biomes and Habitat Flashcards

Flashcards covering 13 different biomes.



Content Questions Unit: Where Do Animals Live?

A unit that includes a reading selection, a writing worksheet, and a reading activity for four simple biomes.



Worksheet 3: Where do the animals live?

Introductory biome worksheet.


Worksheet 4: African Biomes

Introductory biome worksheet looking at African biomes such as savanna and rainforest.


Worksheet 5: North American Biomes

Introductory biome worksheet looking at some cold climate biomes such as tundra and prairie.


Worksheet 6: Marine Biomes

Marine biomes such as kelp forest, coral, reef and the deep sea.


Worksheet 7: Biome Word Search

Students find biome words  such as desert, tundra, and rainforest.


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