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Categories, Kinds, and Types

Being able to classify things is an important skill for elementary school students. It is also an important word skill since categories can be used to define or describe objects. For example, how would you define the word gecko if you came across it in a reading selection:

A gecko is a kind of lizard.


Worksheet 1: Animal Kinds

Practice using categories to define an animal


                                         A guppy is a kind of fish.


Reading Packet 1: Animal Categories

Reading packet puzzle where kids define animals by their category.



Worksheet 2: Animal Kinds II

Practice using categories to define an animal.


A toucan is a type of bird.


Flashcard Set 1: Animal Categories

Students look at a flashcard of an animal and say its 'kind'.


A panda is a type of bear.



Super Quiz Game: Categories Super Quiz Game

Students identify the category of items.





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