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Food and Drink Worksheets


Worksheet 1: Would You Like Some Milk?

Drinks such as milk, juice, coffee and tea.


Flashcard Set 1: Drink Flashcards

Drinks such as milk, juice, cola, and tea.


Flashcard Set 2: Food Flashcards

Food flashcards such as hamburger, rice, fish, and chicken.


Flashcard Set 3: Desserts and Snacks Flashcards

Snacks such as popcorn, ice cream, and pie.


Flashcard Set 1: Drink Flashcards

Drinks such as milk, juice, cola, and tea.


Worksheet 2: Toast for Breakfast

Breakfast vocabulary such as toast, cereal, and pancakes.


Worksheet 3: Sandwiches for Lunch

Lunch Vocabulary such as sandwich, hot dog, and hamburger.


Worksheet 4: Steak for Dinner

Meat vocabulary such as steak, chicken, and fish.


Worksheet 5: Soup With Dinner

Vocabulary for dinner food such as soup, rice, and salads.


Worksheet 6: What Do You Want on Your Sandwich?

Sandwich vocabulary such as cheese, ham, and lettuce.


Worksheet 7: Can I Have a Snack?

Snack vocabulary such as popcorn and chips.


Worksheet 8: Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks such as apples, carrots, and celery as well as the phrase 'instead of.'


Worksheet 9: Seafood for Dinner

Seafood vocabulary such as lobster, crab, and shrimp.


Worksheet 10: Cupcakes for Dessert

Dessert vocabulary such as cake and pie.


Worksheet 11: Drinks Word Search

Drink vocabulary review sheet.


Worksheet 12: Desserts and Snacks Word Search

Dessert vocabulary review sheet.


Worksheet 13: Dinner Word Search

Dinner vocabulary review sheet.



Reading Comprehension 1: Picnic With a Giant

An easy reading comprehension sheet about going on a picnic with a giant.



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