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Worksheets for Teaching K7

ESL Young Learners: Health and Sickness


These worksheets are meant to teach young kids how to talk about being sick.


Flashcard Set 1: Health and Sickness Flashcards

A number of big flashcards featuring sickness words such as cough, sore throat, bump, cut, and rash.


Health Worksheet 1: Health Word Search

A word search that covers several of the vocabulary items from the flashcards above.


Health Vocabulary Sheet: Health and Sickness Vocabulary Sheet

A vocabulary worksheet that highlights the words in the flashcard set above.


Health and Sickness Bingo: Health and Sicknes Bingo

A bingo game that can be used to review the vocabulary in the worksheets above.


Activity 1: What's Wrong with Her?

A reading packet puzzle that goes over some of the language in the worksheet above.



Activity 2: Absent Kids

A reading packet puzzle that covers the language for some injuries and illnesses.


Reading Selection 1: Absent Kids

A reading selection that goes over the reasons why kids are often absent from school. This selection reviews much of the language int he flashcards above.


Health Worksheet 2: Health Cloze

Students use context to guess what is worng with the person.


Activity 2: How Do Sick People Get Better?

A reading packet puzzle that goes over some of the languageused to describe what people do when they are sick.


Reading Selection 2: Flu Season

A reading selection that goes over the language used to describe what people do to get better when they are sick.




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