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ESL worksheets for young learners. K-7 level.





Worksheets for Teaching K7

ESL Young Learners: Index

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Section 61: Months of the Year

Worksheets for teaching the months of the year.


January, February, March . . .


Section 62: The Solar System and Outer Space

Worksheets for teaching the solar system and other outer space vocabulary.


Mercury, Venus, Earth . . .


Section 63: Continents and Oceans

Worksheets for teaching the names of the continents and oceans.


Asia, Australia, Africa . . .


Section 64: Summer and Beach

Worksheets for teaching some summer and beach activities.


People take trips. Kids find shells.


Section 65: The Outdoors

Worksheets for teaching some outdoor activities.


People can go fishing. People can go camping.


Section 66: Where Are the Toys

A unit that combines toys with prepositions. This unit has a good set of large preposition flash cards.


The bear is behind the train.


Section 67: Definitions by Categories

Students use categories to define words.


A guppy is a kind of fish. A gecko is a type of lizard.


Section 68: Irregular Plurals

Students make sentences about plural forms.


Children is the plural form of child.



Section 69: Communities and Citizens

Flashcards and games for reviewing concepts related to communities and citizens.


Good citizens vote in elections.


Section 70: Wonders of Nature

Flashcards and games for reviewing vocaubalry related to natural phenomena.






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