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Landforms and Bodies of Water Habitats


Worksheet 1: Landforms Vocabulary Worksheets

Landforms such as valley, peak, glacier, mountain, and volcano.


Worksheet 2: Landforms Matching Worksheet

Students label the landforms and then match the landform description with the landform.



Flashcard Set 1: Landforms Flashcards

Flashcards covering different landforms.


Worksheet 3: Where Are the Explorers I

She is in the desert. He is in the tundra.


Worksheet 4: Where are the Explorers II

Introductory biome worksheet looking at African biomes such as savanna and rainforest.


Worksheet 5: Mountain Explorers

Introductory biome worksheet looking at some cold climate biomes such as tundra and prairie.


Worksheet 6: Landforms Word Search

Landforms vocabulary review.


These worksheets go well with the biomes worksheet collection.

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