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Pets Worksheets for Young Learners



Worksheet 1:Pet Vocabulary

Vocabulary sheet illustrating 10 common pets.


Flashcard Set 1: 10 Common Pet Flashcards

Flashcards cover the same pets from the worksheet above. Can be used to practise 'he has' and 'she has'.


Worksheet 2: Pets Word Search

Easy word search that reviews 8 different pet names.


Activity 1: What Pet Do They Have? Reading Packet Puzzle

Students make sentences describing birds using the language in the worksheet above. This activity comes from the reading packet puzzle section.


Worksheet 3: What Pet Do They Have?

Practice for the verb 'have' in the third person both singular and plural.


Worksheet 4: She Has a Cat

Practice for the verb 'has' in both singular and plural third person.


Worksheet 5: Pet Matching

Practice for writing and reading pet names.


Reading Selection: Jen's Pets

Short reading selection with emphasis on pets and the verb 'to have' as well as answering yes or no questions.


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