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Worksheets for Teaching K7

ESL Young Learners: The Solar System



Worksheet 1: The Solar System

This worksheet covers writing the names of the eight planets of the solar system.


Flashcard Set 1: The Solar System

A number of flashcards for the planets of the solar system plus other outer space related vocabulary.


Worksheet 2: Solar System Cloze

This is a reading comprehension and cloze worksheet.


Worksheet 3: Label the Solar System

Students label the planets of the solar system.


Worksheet 4: Solar System Superlatives

Students make superlative sentences about the planets of the solar system.


Worksheet 5: More Outer Space Vocabulary

Vocabulary for outer space words such as astronomer, astronaut, galaxy, and comet.


Worksheet 6: Out Space Definitions

Students practise defining outer space words using the phrase "is called."

Activity 1: The Superlative Solar System Reading Packet Puzzle

Students make superlative sentences using a reading packet puzzle.


Worksheet 7: The Planets of the Solar System Word Search

Students order the planets and then find them in a grid.



Super Quiz Game: Space Quiz

Students answer questions about the solar system and outer space.


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