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Knights and Medieval Life Flashcards



These flashcards contain vocabulary on the theme of medieval ages and knights.Roughly half the cards concern knights and what knights might do, and as such are a bit boy-centered. However, the other half of the cards focus more on medieval life and are somewhat more balanced.


Some sample cards from the knights section are:


          Knights jousting.

          An archer loading a crossbow.

          A knight charging.

          A knight scaling the castle walls.

          Soldiers firing a catapult.


Some sample cards from the medieval life section include:


          A princess reading a scroll.

          A noble riding around the manor.

          A serf digging a moat.

          A peasant bringing grain to the mill.

          A queen sitting on the throne.


There are 54 cards, which is quite a lot for playing games, so teachers can emphasize what they want by removing some cards if desired.


You can use the game Fish or memory to practice this game. Fish goes likes this:



A: Do you have a knight leaving the castle?

B: Yes, I do.

     (Or No, I don't. Go fish. A takes a card from the deck)


If the answer was yes, B gives the card to A and A gets a point.


A sample flashcard: A knight leaving the castle.


Medieval Life Cards 1

Medieval Life Cards 2

Medieval Life Cards 3

Medieval Life Cards 4

Medieval Life Cards 5

Medieval Life Cards 6

Medieval Life Cards 7

Medieval Life Cards 8

Medieval Life Cards 9

Medieval Life Cards 10

Medieval Life Cards 11

Medieval Life Cards 12

Medieval Life Cards 13

Medieval Life Cards 14


Student Supplement

for Medieval Cards


As well the worksheets in this section review much of the vocabulary covered in these cards:


Knights and Castles Worksheets




Another game that can be played with these cards is 'Trade'. As a variation you will notice that each card has a heraldric symbol on the upper right hand corner. There are 9 symbols in total: a unicorn, a lion, a dragon, a boar, a griffon, a bear, a pegasus, a wolf, and a ram. You can play a game where students are given six cards each and they have rounds of trading. They decide on a trading partner and a number of cards to trade. Then they make a trade. After they make a trade, a new round begins and they decide on a new trading partner. When a student has all six cards of his or her particular heraldry symbol. They step out of the trading negotiations and they win (or are in 2nd, third etc.).


If these cards and worksheets are at the level of your students, you might also be interested in the Greek Myth Worksheets.


Here is a selection of worksheets available for teaching about animals:


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