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Natural Wonder Superlative Activity by Chris Gunn





Natural  Wonders of the World

Student Activity Sheet


Natural Wonders of the World

Superlative Quiz





Natural Wonders of the World

Superlative Fact Card





Purpose and Audience:

This activity is a retelling activity where students communicate common facts about natural wonders of the world to each other using superlative adjectives. Every student is given a natural wonder to communicate to the class. They are also asked to explain extra information about the natural wonder. Students will also get good practice relaying difficult numbers and measures.


Class Set-up

There are 15 fact cards about the world in total, so if you have a large class you may need to make more than one copy of each fact card. You may also need to adjust the number of fact cards (and quiz questions) according to the number of students you have. So for example, if you have 24 students you might want to use 2 sets of 12 fact cards instead of all 15 originals plus 9 extra copies.


Give each student a fact card and tell them to memorize the numbers and to remember the additional information about the natural wonders. After the students have been given time to memorize the fact cards, take away the fact cards and hand out the activity sheet. Students go around and talk to other students and exchange information about natural wonders of the world.


When the students are finished exchanging information, give them five minutes to review their activity sheet. Then, give them the quiz on natural wonders of the world. Make sure the students know that they are supposed to answer the questions using superlative adjectives and complete sentences. It is important that the students know that they will be given a quiz beforehand. This helps to focus their attentions while doing the activity. I usually have the students mark the quiz themselves by having them exchange quizzes. Then we quickly go over the answers as a class. I personally don't count the scores and tell the students that from the start. I tell them the reason for the quiz is so that they can measure their own communication skills. In other words, the quiz is a self assessment tool.







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