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Opposites/Antonyms Card Game



There are 28 pairs of opposites/antonyms here (for a total of 56 cards) that can be used to play the games Fish and Memory. Students have to find the opposite card to the one that they have.


The opposite pairs covered here are:

up/down, left/right. hard/soft, west/east, north/south, first/last, in/out, over/under, fast/slow, tall/short, long/short, fat/thin, thin/thick, high/low, near/far, happy/sad, clean/dirty, right/wrong, easy/difficult, front/back, top/bottom, young/old, cold/hot, stron/weak, big/small, dry/wet, and heavy/light.


You can use the game Fish or memory to practice this game. Fish goes likes this:



A: (Has the card for 'fast') Do you have slow?

B: Yes, I do. (No, I don't)



If the answer was yes, B gives the card to A and A gets a point. If the answer was no, A takes a card from the deck.


Note: there are two opposites for short, right and thin. Students have to match the appropriate opposite to get the point in those cases.



opposite card game

 Opposite Cards 1

 Opposite Cards 2

 Opposite Cards 3

 Opposite Cards 4

 Opposite Cards 5

 Opposite Cards 6

 Opposite Cards 7

 Opposite Cards 8

 Opposite Cards 9

 Opposite Cards 10

Opposite Cards 11

Opposite Cards 12

Opposite Cards 13

Opposite Cards 14



As well these two worksheets review the vocabulary covered in these cards and will be useful for playing the game:


Opposite Vocab 1


Opposite Vocab 2


As well there are large flash cards for instructional purposes:


Opposite Flashcards


Finally, there are two opposite worksheets collections on this site:


Opposites for Young Learners         Opposites for Older Learners


Opposite Gameboard




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