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People's Personality and Character Traits Worksheets


There are so many good words for describing personaluity we divided the resources into three levels. The more advanced levels contain all of the words of the easier levels.


Personality Vocabulary Sheet:

A word search for reviewing vocabulary for describing how people look.



Personality Vocabulary Basic

Personality Vocabulary Intermediate

Personality Vocabulary Advanced


Personality Vocabulary Unleveled


Personality Word Searches:

Several word searches for reviewing the vocabulary taught in the units above.


Personality Word Search Basic

Personality Word Search Intermediate

Personality Word Search Advanced


Personality Word Search Unleveled


Personality and Character Traits Crossword:

A crossword activity for reviewing people's personality vocabulary.



Personality Vocabulary Crossword




Bad Characters Reading Comprehension:

A short reading comprehension activity for reviewing bad character traits.


Bad Character Reading Comprehension




If you are doing a unit on describing people you might also be interested in the following sections:


appearance    and    clothing






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