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CVC Words Flashcards and Fish/Memory Game



The CVC words (words like cat, bed, and dog that are formed using consonant-vowel-consonant) are the most basic words taught in a phonics program. These cards can be used to reinforce decoding skills for CVC words in a fun way by playing Fish or Memory, or even just as flashcards. They come in two forms: words and pictures on the same card and words and pictures on separate cards.


CVC Words and Pictures Together

Short A: cat, bat, dad, fan   hat, jam, pan, van


Short E: bed, hen, jet, net   ten, pen, vet, web


Short I:   fin, hip, kid, lid   lip, pig, pin, wig


Short O: dog, dot, mom, mop   log, pop, pot, top


Short U: bug, bus, cub, cup   gum, pup, rug, sub


CVC Words and Pictures on Separate Cards

Short A: dad, fan  bat, cat,  pan, van  jam, hat


Short E: jet, net  bed, hen  vet, web  pen, ten


Short I: kid, lid  fin, hip  pin, wig  lip, pig


Short O: dog, dot  log, mom  pop, mop  top, pot


Short U: bug, bus  cup, cub  pup, gum  sub, rug




CVC words card game



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