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Phonics Monsters Game Suggestion: Change It!


Change It! is a game where students get points for making words from the phonics monster cards.


Set up

This game is simple yet really encourages kids to think about words and word spellings. All of the monster heads are put in a pile face up. The same goes for the bodies and tails. When you are done setting up, you should have three piles side by side from which students can make monster words. See the picture below.


Game Play

The students take turns removing monster body parts and try to form new words. When a student's turn comes around, that student can remove either the head, the body, or the tail. They can only remove one part however. After removing the head, body, or tail, they read the new monster. If it is a word, they get one point. Then the next student takes a turn and removes a body part.




Sample Play

At the beginning of the student's turn, the card piles are set up like the image to the right with the monster head R, the monster body A, and the monster tail D showing. Altogether, they form the word RAD. If the student removes the head, he or she might be able to spell the words, BAD, DAD, SAD, MAD, HAD, PAD, LAD, FAD, TAD.

 Sample Phonics Monster Card Set Up: R A D

A sample set up with the head R, the body, A, and the tail, D.


If the student removes the body A, he or she might be able to spell the words RID, RED, ROD, ROAD, RAID, READ, or REED. (There are vowel digraphs as well as short vowels).


If the student removes the tail D, he or she might be able to spell RAN, RAP, RAT, RACK or RAM,



The student sees that removing the head has many possibilities, so he or she decides to remove the R. Underneath the head R was the head D, which makes a word DAD. And so the student gets one point and the next student takes a turn.





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