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phoneme: a phoneme is the most basic unit of sound.

grapheme: a grapheme is the written representation of a phoneme. A grapheme can consist of one, two, and rarely three or four letters. The phoneme /k/ can be represented by the graphemes C, K, or CK as in cat, kite, and duck.





Phonic Monsters Long Vowel Bossy E Version

The phonic monsters are a fun way to learn and practice phoneme-grapheme correspondences. For a deatiled explanation on how to use these cards visit the Phonics Monsters main page. The phonics monsters found here illustrate the phoneme/grapheme correspondences for long vowel bossy E words such as bike, cape, note, and tube. Some regular CVC endings have been included in the tails so that students can contrast short vowels (which they should have already learned in CVC words) and the long vowels/bossy E endings taught here.

How to use these cards:

                    (1) Download a set of heads, bodies, and tails.(See links below)

                    (2) Paste them onto poster board and cut them out.

                    (3) Use them as flashcards or to play games like Change It or Rummy.




Long Vowel

Bossy E Heads


Long Vowel

Bossy E Bodies

Long Vowel

Bossy E Tails

These cards can be used in conjunction with other phonics long vowel bossy E word resources found in in the long vowel bossy E words worksheets and teaching resources section.


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