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Glossary of ESL terms


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 Question prompts for ESL teachers!

ESL Question Prompts


Here is a list of conversation prompts that are available to print and copy for your students. If you have any ideas on how to use question sheets like this or if you have a list of questions that you want made into a worksheet, let us know in this forum discussion.


Sleep, Dreams, and Nightmares

Sample vocabulary: early bird, night owl, nightmare, insomnia, drool, and snore.


Moods Feelings, and Emotions

Sample vocabulary: keep it in, have a short fuse, and feel blue.


Storms, Weather, and Natural Disasters

Sample vocaulary: blizzard, earthquake, downpour, and scorching.


Leisure, Sports, and Hobbies

Sample Vocabulary: free time, professional, indoor, outdoor, and recreation.


School, Study, and Homework

Sample vocabulary: detention, play hooky, field trip, and aced an exam.


Books, Movies, and the Media

Sample vocabulary: critic, sci-fi, author, and commercials.


Mishaps and Mistakes

Sample vocabulary: clumsy, bump into, by mistake, and forgetful.


Habits, Customs, and Traditions

Sample vocabulary: bad habit, traditional, and keep tradition.


City and Country

Sample Vocabulary: pollution, crime, public transportation, and opportunity.



Sample Vocabulary: blizzard, avalanche, snow angel, frost, and slush.



Sample Vocabulary: scorcher, sunburn, squirt gun, drought, and shade.


Clothes and Fashion

Sample Vocabulary: trendy, baggy, fashionable and hand-me-downs.