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Reading Packet Puzzles


Note: Over the years I've added almost a hundred different packets, but haven't been able to update this page. Here is a complete list of reading packet puzzles. Also, many of these reading packet puzzles are now integrated into young learners units found here.


Each reading packet puzzle consists of anywhere from 4 to 8 sentences to be rearranged by kids in the way they would build a puzzle. I have found them to be an extremely useful resource in both early literacy and ESL settings.  The packets help to reinforce word recognition as well as grammar and syntax. From an early literacy perspective, the puzzle packets contain a lot of important sight words such as the ones found on the Dolch sight word lists. From an ESL perspective, the packets can be used to supplement many themes that are taught at the basic levels such as 'can,' 'numbers,' 'like,' and 'prepositions.'




What Do You Like?


Do You Like Kittens?


What Can You Do?


Who Is He?


Where Is The Dog?


I Like Puppies But I Don't Like Snakes


There Is A Cat Under . . .


What Color Is A Leaf?


What Did You See Last Night?


What Do Seeds Need?


What Do You See?


What Do You Want to Eat?


What Is It?


What Is That?


When Do You See Stars?


When Do You Go to School?


Where Did You Go Yesterday?


Who Will Help Me?


Where Do Animals Live?


What Will You Do Tomorrow?


How's the Weather?


What Can They Do?


What Do Seeds Become?


What Should We Do Today?


What Do You Want to Play?


What Pets Do They Have?


Word Packets with a Numbers Focus:

How Many Ducks Are There?


Nine Minus Four Is Five


One Plus Two Is Three


What Time Is It?


Word Packets with a Winter/Christmas Theme:

What Happens in Winter?


What Do Kids Do in Winter?


How Do you Decorate a Christmas Tree?


My Resolution



Here is a sample of a five-year-old using the '

What Do Seeds Need to Grow?' puzzle packet.





Here is the same child at four years of age playing the Mixing Game.  Note how she manages to solve the mix-up only after she reads it out loud.


Word Skills (Reading Packet Puzzles with an emphasis on word skills)

A is for Apple


What Rhymes with Hat?


How Do You Spell Bed?










Past Tense


Things That (Defining)


Places Where (Defining)


Times When (Defining)


People Who (Defining)


Reading Packets with a Fall Theme:

What happens on a Farm?


What Happens in Fall?


What Color are Leaves?


What Are You Going To Be For Halloween?


What Happens on Halloween?



Here is a selection of worksheets available for young learners:

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