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Grammar game for teaching reported speech to ESL/EFL students!





 Embedded Questions and Reported Speech


Match #3:


When we want to report a question that was asked we use an embedded question with either 'if' or one of the 'wh' words. Three things should be said: One, we still have to use the past tense. Two, we use 'wonder' when we are asking a question to ourselves. Three, there is no question mark because we are not actually asking a question, but instead reporting what question was asked.



Grammar game for embedded questions!




He asked her if she was bored.

She wondered if he would propose.


He asked her when she wanted to leave.

She wondered where they would go.

Yes/No Questions:


When we report a yes/no question, we have to transpose the question and add 'if'. Here are some examples:


Can you swim?  

He asked her if she could swim.


Are you happy?

She wondered if he was happy.


Would you like a cupcake?

She asked him if he would like a cupcake.


'Wh' Questions:


When we use a 'wh' question we just have to transpose the verb and subject. Here are some examples:


What do you want?

She asked him what he wanted?


Where are we going to go?

He wondered where they were going to go?


How much will it cost?

She wondered how much it would cost?




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