Scientist Flashcards for Teaching Relative Clauses

       Scientist flashcards for teaching ESL





Glossary of ESL terms


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Quick Reference:



Someone who studies the past.



Someone who observes human cultures.



Someone who observes the stars.



Someone who classifies plants.



Someone who does experiments.



Someone who makes predictions on interest rates.



Someone who researches DNA.



Someone who studies landforms.



Someone who collects data on soil and rocks.



Someone who researches reptiles.



Someone who make theories about numbers.



Someone who make predictions about the weather.



Someone who studies cells.



Someone who studies the ocean floor.



Someone who collects data on birds.



Someone who digs for fossils.



Someone who does research on the human mind.



Someone who predicts volcanic eruptions.





Relative Clause/Scientist Cards


Designed by Cam Lirette, these cards can be used to supplement relative clause lesson plans and work sheets. The cards are used for teaching the language of science. There is a lot of vocabulary and the scientist flashcards are not meant for elementary school students. In fact, these cards are meant for students in middle school to university.


   Oceanographer: A sample flashcard for teaching about science!

 Science Flashcards for ESL/EFL


Each job has two cards in the form of relative clauses that describe the job. Students have to match the two descriptions. The conversation should go something like this:


S2: Do you know someone who studies the ocean floor?

S2: Do you mean an oceanographer?

S1: Yes, I do.

S2: No, I'm sorry. Go fish.


      Yes, Here it is.


For ideas on how to use these cards visit the ESL Flashcards section, and to see more cards, check out the Flashcard Gallery.







 anthropologist and archeologist

astronomer and biochemist

botanist and cell biologist

chemist and economist

geneticist and geographer

geologist and herpetologist

mathematician and meteorologist

microbiologist and oceanographer

ornithologist and paleontologist

psychologist and volcanologist


Language of Science Worksheet:

Here is a science cards supplement that students can refer to.

If you are interested in the scientist cards, you may also be interested in the job cards. These cards contain similar grammatical structures and both decks can be combined together quite easily.